Challenging Home Office Decisions


Whether your application for a sponsor licence has been refused, your sponsor licence has been revoked or you have been issued with a civil penalty, our business immigration experts can help you challenge the Home Office decision.

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Revocation of sponsor licence

The Home Office may decide to suspend or revoke your licence if it alleges that you have breached your sponsor duties.

We can assist at any stage after you receive notice from the Home Office to suspend or revoke your licence.

Service includes:

• Case review and identification of grounds of challenge
• Advice on actions to take to remedy any breaches.
• Responding to grounds for revocation
• Letter before claim

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Civil penalty

Civil penalties are issued to employers that have been employing a person who does not have permission to work in the UK.

Businesses can be fined up to £20,000 per illegal worker and you can be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. .

We can assist at any stage after receiving a referral notice including::

• Assessing the initial stage of the civil penalty process.
• Responding to an information request
• Identifying and advising on grounds for challenge
• Objecting a civil penalty
• Appealing a civil penalty

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Administrative Review

We can manage the whole administrative review process.

• Case review and identification of grounds of challenge
• Request for admin review.
• Representations and provision of evidence

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Judicial Review

Judicial review should be sought where you have no other avenue of challenge. You should seek specialist advice before judicial review.

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About Our Fees

  • Price inclusive of VAT
  • Home Office and Immigration Health Surcharge not included
  • Price may vary depending on complexity, the number of applicants and type of visa


Application and documents to be prepared within 24 -48 hours of instructions provided that all information is received. Following submission of the application, we have no control over the visa processing times and this depends on the Home Office.

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