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Looking to expand your business into the UK?

Overseas businesses that wish to expand into the UK will need a sponsor licence which will allow existing senior managers or workers to come to the UK and carry out the necessary operations of establishing the business in the UK. In order to do this, you will need to have a “UK footprint” which means you will already need someone you can trust in the UK to get the business set up.

Alternatively if you are looking to set up a business in the UK or acquire an existing UK business you could apply through the Innovator Founder visa or opt for “self-sponsorship”.

There are different stages to expanding your business into the UK.  We can manage the whole process from setting up your company in the UK to applying for your sponsor licence and visas for yourself or your overseas employees to come to the UK.

We offer different services and packages bespoke to your business needs.

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There are different

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Business Expansion Services

We offer different services and packages bespoke to your business needs:

• UK company set up.
• Registration with HM Revenue and Customs.
• Locate and arranging business premises.
• Setting up business bank account.
• Sponsor Licence.
• Global business mobility visas.
• Skilled worker visa.
• Business visit visa.
• Innovator Founder Visa.
• Self-sponsorship visa.

On Request

About Our Fees

  • Price inclusive of VAT
  • Home Office and Immigration Health Surcharge not included
  • Price may vary depending on complexity, the number of applicants and type of visa


Application and documents to be prepared within 24 -48 hours of instructions provided that all information is received. Following submission of the application, we have no control over the visa processing times and this depends on the Home Office.

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