Regulatory Information

Regulatory Information


Templeton Legal Services are regulated by CILEx Regulation as Authorised provider of Immigration Advice and Services.

Should you wish to verify our status as an authorised firm you can click the CILEx Regulation ‘Smart Badge’ link on our Home Page or find us in the CILEx Firm Directory here.

Provision of Immigration Advice and Services is a “Reserved Activity”, meaning that law firms need special dispensation from an approved regulator to undertake this type of work.

Other Services (non-reserved activities)

As a Fellow of CILEx since 2005 our Principal, Evelyn Ndirika, is also able to provide advice on a wide range of “non-reserved activities”, such issues include:

Employment matters;

  • Welfare/Benefits matters;
  • Debt matters;
  • Family matters;
  • Administering Oaths;
  • Certification of Documents;

We can assist in taking such cases before Tribunals, such as the Employment Tribunal or Social Security Tribunal. However, if your case requires litigation (e.g. taking your case to County Court or High Court) we can refer you to other specialist providers to assist at that stage.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As an Authorised Entity, Templeton Legal Services is required to have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) to cover the following legal services:

  1. Immigration Advice and Services (Including representations before Tribunals)
  2. Employment matters (Including representations before Tribunals)
  3. Welfare and Benefits matters (Including representations before Tribunals)
  4. Family matters (Non litigation);
  5. Administering Oaths;
  6. Certifying Documents;

Our PII is a qualifying scheme as approved by our regulator and covers all areas listed above.

CILEx Regulation’s Compensation Arrangements

To better protect the interests of clients, CILEx Regulation have established Compensation Arrangements to cover clients of CILEx Authorised firms. At present the Compensation Arrangements extend to our Immigration Advice and Services only and would not cover Employment, Welfare and Benefits, Family matters or Administering Oaths.


If for any reason you are unhappy with service we provide please be reassured that we have a robust complaints procedure in place aimed at resolving any problems. Details of how to lodge a complaint can be found here


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