Debt Recovery

It can be very stressful for a business when a customer does not pay money that is owed. These bad debts impact cash flow and the general operation of a business. Our debt recovery experts are here to assist you with resolving these problematic situations as quickly and effectively as possible.

We can assist throughout all the stages of debt recovery from the pre-action stage to commencing civil litigation, where necessary. We focus on the ultimate aim of debt recovery which is to get your debtors to pay up. We therefore offer extensive services in recovery and enforcement including:

  • Charging orders
  • Writ of control
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Winding up proceedings

 Disputed Debt

In some cases, the debt may be disputed. There are many reasons why this may happen for example:

  • There was no credit agreement
  • The debtor claims that they did not understand the credit agreement
  • The debtor is not satisfied with the goods or services provided and want to make a counterclaim

Disputed claims can be quite complex and the case may get out of hand if it is not dealt with correctly and effectively.

How we can help

Our debt recovery lawyers will use their expertise to recover your outstanding sums whether the debt is accepted or disputed.

We offer a fixed fee service for recovery of undisputed debts. Our services for disputed debts are charged at an hourly rate.


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