Consumer Disputes

The UK gives consumers rights under law to be treated fairly when they have paid for goods or services. If you believe that you have bought a faulty product or you have paid for a poor service, our consumer dispute solicitors can help.

In the first instance, you should communicate with whoever provided you with the product or service to see if they are willing to resolve the issue. If they do not wish to resolve the matters or you are not satisfied with what they are offering, the next step will be to seek legal advice.

Examples of where your consumer rights might have been breached include:

  • When you have bought a faulty item and are refused a refund
  • When you have purchased a vehicle that is not up to standard, is defective or not as advertised
  • When you have paid for a builder’s services but they have not completed the work or it is not up to standard

How we can help

Our consumer dispute lawyers will provide you with the best advice and professional guidance. We will work closely with you and in line with your budget to achieve the best outcome to meet your needs.

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